THANK you to our NAMe CRNA’s for representing Maine CRNA’s at our Nation’s Capital!

Three NAMe CRNAs joined the contingent from the Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MeANA) for the AANA Mid Year Assembly in our nation’s capital, Washington DC, in April.  Paul Schneider, MeANA President, Stacey Whittington, MeANA President-elect, and Kristie Hoch, past MeANA Board of Director, along with two other Maine CRNAs and 4 SRNAs from the University of New England attended the meeting.  We had face to face meetings with Congressman Michaud, Congresswoman Pingree and Senator Snowe.  Senator Collins was on the Senate floor during our meeting time but we met with her longtime health aide, Priscilla.  This meeting is a great opportunity to learn so much about what is going on within the politics of anesthesia and have contact with Maine’s national legislators.  Nurse Anesthesia of Maine is very supportive of associates who donate their time to the state association.


Our CRNA Military Experience – Thank you Glen!


On November 11 2011, I left Maine and headed to Fort Bliss Texas where I would

spend the next 90 days serving this country and providing anesthetic services to our

men and women in the military.  This deployment provided me with many new

opportunities to improve my skills and become a better more proficient anesthetist.

Most of my time was spent at William Beaumont Army Medical Center where I was able

to perform all aspects of anesthesia and gain a new appreciation for working

autonomously. When I wasnʼt working, I was able to enjoy the weather for that time of

year on a mountain bike or hiking in the nearby mountains. I met many wonderful

people while I was there and made lasting friendships.

Although this experience was great and insightful, it was definitely a hardship for my

wife and children and I am eternally grateful for the support and kind words from our

friends here in Maine.  It was comforting for me to know that my family was taken care

of and that they had many people they could depend on for anything.  I am also grateful

for those who stood up and covered my shifts during my absence. Nurse Anesthesia of

Maine deserves to be recognized for their support of me and other men and women in uniform.

It is employers like this that make these deployments possible and to assure our men and

women who fight for this country get the best care possible. I will always be grateful for their

support while I was gone, but Iʼm happy to be back and look forward to seeing

everyone again.